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Mass Cats originated as a network of cat rescuers, shelters, individuals, shelter employees, volunteers, foster parents, bottle-feeders, feral cat trappers, spay-neuter clinic organizers, animal control officers, etc. who are located in Massachusetts and surrounding states. Any person working in the interest of homeless cats is welcome to join.

Many more Yahoo! groups have expanded to cover other states including New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and more.

These email groups are used to post meeting announcements and spay/neuter clinic announcements; to share and request assistance with particular cats/situations, and to share/request general information and information on medical and behavioral issues; and to network about resources, problem solving, fundraising, etc.

Please feel free to share this website with others so that we can build networks.

General Guidelines For Posting (Members):

Mass Cats is a group of individuals working to help cats. Please only post messages related to this topic. If you are posting a request for assistance, please be sure to include the city or town in the message subject so that other members can easily determine whether they can assist.

Please note that members are generally quite savvy about which groups/shelters and rescues/individuals exist in an area. If a member posts "Cat in Malden needs help," that person is looking for somebody in the Malden area to take care of the situation.

Also, it is perfectly appropriate to seek advice about or placement for a declawed cat. Please resist the urge to lecture the person posting the request about declawing, however!

Membership For Rescuers And Animal Care Workers:

To join, send an email with a brief statement about your current work with cats, experience, or needs to This information is requested simply to ensure that members are in fact cat rescuers.

To join NH Cats, please send an email with the same information to:
NH Cats also has a facebook page: Just search NHCats and you can ask to join the group.

To join ConnCats:

Rhode Island Cats:

New York Cats:

Maine Cats:

Looking to get assistance for Dogs in Massachusetts?

Others Seeking Assistance:

If you are an individual seeking help for a particular cat or group of cats, and are not a "rescuer" yourself, email the appropriate contact below with your name, phone #, town and description of the situation. Your request for help will be posted to the group. We cannot guarantee assistance with every situation, but will at least try to make some recommendations or referrals. You might also try logging on to for immediate access to resources for helping the cat/cats.

For MA, CT, RI and NYCats and for MassDogs:
Please contact

For NHCats:
Please contact

For all other states:
Please contact

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